Welcome to ROSE

ROSE is an acronym standing for Realtors Opposed to Sexual Exploitation. The ROSE Project is based on the concept that Realtors are uniquely equipped to fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation. While the Freedom Movement has made significant progress in restoring victims of human trafficking, we wanted to expand our impact to include fighting online sexual exploitation. To do that, we knew we needed help. We invite you to listen to the 34 minute ROSE Webinar that we presented on September 10, 2020 which explains our vision for a unique partnership with Realtors. To do so, go here. 

Our Vision is to Empower Youth to Live Free from Sexual Exploitation

The leaders of ROSE have become aware of a largely unknown epidemic of online sexual exploitation of our youth. Covid 19 has forced our young people to spend enormous amounts of time on the internet. Sexual predators and pedophiles know that. Last year, over 3,000,000 youth in America were enticed to enter into a relationship with a predator disguised as a “friend.” Since January of 2020, Polaris reported that online sexual exploitation has increased a shocking 91%. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has received reports of an increase of 97% online sexual exploitation in the last year.

It is the vision of ROSE, in partnership with the Freedom Movement, to equip and train parents, educators, civic and faith community leaders, social workers and guardians. Our motto is “To empower youth to live free from sexual exploitation.”

Our Three Favorite Tools

1. BARK is the best parental monitoring tool that we have found. Bark “helps families manage and protect their children’s online lives.” (BARK.US website). BARK monitors 30+ apps and social media platforms for signs of digital dangers and sends reports to the parents or guardians. 

2. NETSMARTZ ( offers the best tools for parents to discuss with children from elementary to high school the dangers of online predators and how to make wise decisions to avoid falling prey to sexual exploitation. 

3. FREEDOM MOVEMENT RESOURCE SHEET ( lists numbers to call, tools to use and organizations to train parents, guardians and educators to fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation, Most of our tools are available in English and Spanish.