The Research Freedom Teams engage in finding community resources, creating a database of service providers, community mapping and needs assessment of the vulnerable and exploited populations in the targeted communities from Pasadena to Pomona.  The Research Team produces functioning training & databases that will serve the process of building Cities Set Free projects. This Freedom Team engages all community stakeholders, including community service providers, law enforcement, education systems, businesses, faith-based organizations, and any other organizations that can support this cause. 

Community Outreach

Working in collaboration with the Research Team, the Community Outreach Freedom Teams are created to contact all organizations and stakeholders in our targeted communities. Outreach Teams inform potential partners regarding the vision of our Cities Set Free projects. They engage in dialogue and elicit partnerships.

Inner Healing/Counseling/Mentoring

Healing Freedom Teams are trained in a model developed by Dr. Charles Kraft. He is the author of Deep Wounds, Deep Healing and Two Hours to Freedom. Our Healing Teams are equipped with additional prayer and counseling methods to encourage and enhance the inner healing, freedom and restoration of victims to victors. Volunteers must commit to a training process of 6 weeks, participating as a client and as a prayer team in order to experience and learn this process. Volunteers who wish to become leaders of an Inner Healing team will be required to take additional training.

Prayer Team

Creating Cities Set Free projects is a huge undertaking that can only be done under the power and leadership of the Holy Spirit. This is developed through persistent, overcoming prayer. This is spiritual warfare at its utmost and requires gifted, committed individuals. Prayer Teams serve as the marines in the battle for victory from bondage that is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Development Freedom Teams help raise funds through creating and promoting events, researching & writing grant applications and cultivating monthly partners and one-time donors. Our events may be as small as House Parties and as large as a Banquet. Development Teams help add people to our database and implement our communications with our partners and their friends.

Social Media

Predators and perpetrators know how to use the Internet, Facebook, and twitter to get what they wantWe need Social Media Freedom Team members to use their expertise in promoting Cities Set Free projects. Social Media teams recruit and equip Freedom Teams to fight slavery and restore ruined lives to wholeness.

Volunteers for specific events, are recruited directly via our website, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also like us on Facebook, follow us on Snapchat and sign up to receive our newsletter for further information on Cities Set Free, the SCRC, human trafficking, and opportunities to get involved. Thank you again for your desire to volunteer with the Cities Set Free and fight human trafficking!