Vulnerable Children

The Birth Of The Vision

According to the United Nations, human trafficking is a worldwide human rights catastrophe. In countries all around the world, more than 42 million people are suffering under some form of slavery, usually in life threatening conditions. We intend to do something about this. This worldwide crime calls for a collaborative worldwide response. Safety Shield Seminars and Webinars address the real issues right where they begin:     in the family. 

We have already started the SoCal Restoration Coalition in Southern California. As we have worked with families, we have realized that millions of children are vulnerable to online sexual exploitation. At this very moment, there are literally over 100,000 evil men seeking to lure a young girl or boy into a “relationship” that results in that child being exploited online, in their own home. 

Edmund Burke, an Irish political philosopher once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” With your support, the abolition of human trafficking and sexual exploitation can be a reality when we all work together. 

As you read, pray about joining our cause!

Our Key: New Solutions

We are partners with several nationwide organizations, particularly The Send and Youth With a Mission. These groups focus on reaching High Schools and Universities. They have recently added a focus on vulnerable children.  

Our Resources Page and Training Programs start by teaching parents how to create a Safety Shield over their children. We have found that parents, no matter how loving they are, are often ignorant about the dangers their children face on their smartphones and when they go online. 

Providing new economic solutions is one of the major keys to this project. It isn’t enough simply to decry the condition of victims of sexual exploitation. By harnessing world opinion, and by using some creativity to create economic options for the victims, we can empower our local networks to grow these Safety Shields and expand their impact through their local church or community organization. 

It is exciting to see what forms the solutions take.Training in preventing sexual exploitation provides unique, location-specific opportunities for these families. 

The Impact: Thousands Rescued & Restored

We believe that everybody needs a cause bigger than themselves to add worth and meaning to their lives.

We envision that through our Safety Shield trainings, hundreds of people will be mobilized to rescue thousands of girls from exploited situations in America.

How You Can Help

For this project to succeed, we need a worldwide network of friends and colleagues who can offer their ideas, encouragement and prayers. Plus, we need funding.

If you are able to volunteer your time or ideas we would greatly welcome it. As you can see, there is a much work to be done. This is going to be an adventure, and we welcome your help.