New Site | Same Mission

~ Hello World! ~

"Hello World." This is the phrase that web design teachers give to their students to begin their studies. This phrase is the first line of code web developers learn in their journey to become a professional. It is a phrase of expectation, excitement, and countless possibilities! This sentence marks the beginning of their roles as creators and designers. We at Worldteam Foundation would like to say "Hello World!" through our redesigned website!

My name is Emmanuel and I am the web designer for Traffick Free Azusa and, now, THE FREEDOM MOVEMENT. It has been a journey to bring forth our new design for Worldteam. We have made our website as simple and interactive as possible! I am happy you are visiting and would like to welcome you to check out our exciting developments in the fight against commercial sexual exploitation. Let's fight human trafficking together!


"I am making all things new" - Revelations 21:5